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This plant has white leaf centres with narrow green margins. Plumes age to silvery tan and ramain upright throught winter. Purple-green plumes.
19/12/2007 | 1703 Hits

This grass is one of the first to start growing in the spring. It sways so gracefully in the lightest of breeze. It displays beautiful contrast with it's green foliage and reddish bronze flower plumes. Flower plumes remain until winter.
19/12/2007 | 1701 Hits

This plant has opposite variegation to "avalanche" with green leaf centres and white margins. It also displays silvery, bronze inflorescences.
19/12/2007 | 1558 Hits

Unlike most other sedges, this has a spreading, lower growing habit (Rather than clump-forming) Displays a dense mound of deep green leaves, with clean white borders. Evergreen in our zone.
19/12/2007 | 1996 Hits

Beautiful ornamental grass with narrow, coppery brown foliage. maintains its colour all year.
19/12/2007 | 2445 Hits

Redish brown clumping grass, nice in the garden or beside water. Fine textured blades, curl at the ends. Bronze coloured plumes in mid-late summer.
19/12/2007 | 1672 Hits

Perennial evergreen grass has silvery-green, very narrow recurving leaf blades.
19/12/2007 | 1614 Hits

Shiny rich brown leaves, with orange and green tints in autumn.
19/12/2007 | 1537 Hits

Evergreen sedge with narrow, dark green leaves with a beautiful golden border.
19/12/2007 | 1497 Hits

Blue, pleated blades. In milder climates, may hold it's colour through the winter.
19/12/2007 | 1469 Hits

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