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Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Deciduous ground cover. Also known as "Snow on the Mountain."
18/12/2007 | 1595 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Groundcover with narrow, shiny chocolate foliage and blue flowers.
18/12/2007 | 1733 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
The Ajuga 'Mahogany' Bugleweed Plant has lush, black-burgundy, glossy-leafed foliage that turns a deep, rich mahogany or even darker and more lustrous during the winter months.
18/12/2007 | 1518 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Semi-evergreen with dark bronze-green with pink and green markings. Bright blue blooms.
18/12/2007 | 1669 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Neon blue flower spikes complemented by dark burgundy to almost black foliage-glossy, with scalloped edges. Very crinkled, large leaes. Deer resistant, and very hardy.
18/12/2007 | 1616 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Medium green foliage with bronze tint; purple-blue flowers.
18/12/2007 | 1540 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Burgundy red foliage with cream and green variegation. Bright blue flowers.
18/12/2007 | 1488 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Low spreading mat of bronze-burgundy foliage with torch like purple flowers rising 12" above the foliage. Stunning contrast.
18/12/2007 | 1621 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Shiny dark green leaves; produces red berries and pink and white flowers. Foliage turns reddish bronze in fall.
18/12/2007 | 1539 Hits

Ground Cover/Groundcovers
Low, spreading woody ground cover, ideally suited for moist woodland sites. Cool green leaves whorled at stem tips contrast white to pinkish 1" bloom bracts, followed by bright coral red fruit.
18/12/2007 | 1467 Hits

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