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Green Roof/Green Roof
A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. This does not refer to roofs which are merely colored green, as with green shingles....
08/01/2008 | 1782 Hits |

Green Roof/Green Roof
This green roof will be the largest in Canada when complete. It's the roof of the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. The whole Centre is being built with high environmental standards. Besides the multi-hectare intensive green roof, it...
08/01/2008 | 1814 Hits |

Green Roof/Green Roof
Abundant mounds of fragrant, rich golden flowers. Stunning on rock walls.
08/01/2008 | 1502 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Trailing habit, with bright yellow flowers.
08/01/2008 | 1493 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Rich rose pink flowers continue to bloom off and on throughout the summer.
04/01/2008 | 1575 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Burgandy red foliage with hot magenta-pink flowers.
04/01/2008 | 1588 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Hot pink blossoms.
04/01/2008 | 1556 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Very tidy, compact, needle like green foliage with lilac-pink blossoms.
04/01/2008 | 1549 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Spreading habit, nice for use in borders or spilling over the edge of containers. Velvety silver foliage.
04/01/2008 | 1519 Hits

Green Roof/Green Roof
Upward, deep blue, bell shaped flowers on compact bright green foliage.
08/01/2008 | 1542 Hits

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