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Hebe 'Pretty 'N' Pink' PDF Print E-mail

Short spikes of pink flowers. Dense, spreading, deep green shrub with dark burgandy new growth.

Oregano 'Kent Beauty' PDF Print E-mail

Grown for its ornamental flowers and foliage, Kent Beauty is an intriguing little oregano. The pendulous pink and white flowerheads are comprised of multiple bracts from which small, pink, shrimp-like flowers peak. The foliage is a similar shape to the flower bracts and is bluish green. Easy to grow in average to dry well- drained soils in full sun. Superior soil drainage is the key to growing this plant well. Drought tolerant.

Swiss Chard 'Bright Yellow' PDF Print E-mail

Bright yellow stems and leaf veins contrast with deep green leaves.

Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' PDF Print E-mail

Stems of many colours including gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white with bright pastel variations. lIghtly savoyed , green or bronze leaves. Milder taste.

Swiss Chard 'Magenta Sunset' PDF Print E-mail

Crinkly, iridescent, dark jade leaves with hot pink to magenta stems, midribs and veins. Perfect for scissor harvest as baby leaves, it has a mild earthy flavor that is lovely in salads.

Swiss Chard 'Golden Sunrise' PDF Print E-mail

Golden- orange stems. Leaves have orange veins and stems even at baby leaf stage. Very uniform colour. For full size bunching and baby leaf use.

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